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The grief experience

tools for acceptance, resilience & Connection

Coming Soon: Expected Release Date: February 6, 2024

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The Grief Experience Book

Podcasts- path 11
meet the authors

The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience, and Connection

Explore the Authors

Dive deeper into the world of "The Grief Experience" with The Grief Experience series on the Path 11 podcast hosted by the co-author of the book, April Hannah. Welcome to a captivating auditory journey where the voices behind the words come to life. 

A renowned figure in the realm of personal growth and spiritual exploration, April Hannah brings her expertise and heartfelt curiosity to each podcast episode. As the co-author of "The Grief Experience," her genuine interest in understanding the intricate dimensions of grief shines through as she conducts insightful interviews with her fellow authors.


Discover the Voices, Hear the Stories

Unveil the essence of the authors who are crafting the compelling narratives of "The Grief Experience." Each podcast episode takes you behind the scenes, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives, experiences, and inspirations that have driven these authors to contribute to this collaborative work. Their voices resonate, bringing you closer to their personal journeys of loss, healing, and growth.

Insights and Previews
Tune in to gain a sneak peek into the themes, ideas, and perspectives that will shape "The Grief Experience" book, slated for release in February 2024. The podcast episodes delve into the essence of the book's content, allowing you to grasp the profound insights that will be shared within its pages. It's a chance to engage with the authors before the book's official launch and deepen your understanding of the profound subject matter they are exploring.

Listen Now, Connect Deeper
Listening to the authors' voices, their stories, and their aspirations for the book will forge a connection that bridges the gap between the written word and the living heart.

As you listen to the Explore the Authors: The Grief Experience on Path 11 Podcast, you'll find yourself eagerly anticipating the release of the book, poised to delve into its pages armed with a newfound understanding of the authors' intentions, motivations, and shared journey through the landscape of grief.

Stay tuned for insightful episodes of the Path 11 Podcast.

Kelly Daugherty of Center for Informed Grief, LLC

 Episode 426:  Unveiling The Grief Experience: Healing Through Loss and Transformation, with Kelly Daugherty

Susan Settler

Episode 428: Navigating the Grieving Process with Susan Settler


Episode 430 Assisting Others During the Grieving Process, with

Brittany Demarco-Furman


Episode 427:  The Power of Prayer and Miracles, with Kathleen Banicki



Episode 429:  Transforming Grief Thru Movement, Art and Sound with Jean Trewhella


Episode 431 Resilience in Loss: A Mother's Journey of Healing

with Carol Miller



432 Anticipating Grief: Love Amidst Alzheimer's, with Cheri Davies


432 Anticipating Grief: Love Amidst Alzheimer's, with Cheri Davies


434 Understanding the Grief Process with Kristi Capriglione


436 Healing From Grief, Substance Use, Trauma and Abusive Relationships; with Tiffany Thomas


438 Discovering the Silver Linings in a Loved One's Death; with Amy Lindner-Lesser


440 Traumatic Grief: You are Not Alone, A Journey of Healing through Feeling; with Rebecca Johnson


433 Trauma Informed Intuitive and Evidential Medium Deb DeCelle


435 Delayed Grief;

with Cheryl Nix

Grief Podcast featuring Karen White

437 Embrace the Journey: Grief, Recovery, and Renewal; with Karen White


439 When a Client Dies, Creating a Safe Space to Grieve; with Brittany Nelson


441 Uprooted, My Story of Immigration Grief; with Dr. Gabby Miniscalco

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