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Kelly Daugherty of Center for Informed Grief- passionate about helping school personnel and therapists become more grief informed.

Center for Informed Grief

The Center for Informed Grief, LLC is dedicated to equipping teachers and counselors with the necessary tools and resources to support grieving children and teens in various settings effectively. Founded and led by Kelly Daugherty, MSW, FT, the Center for Informed Grief strives to empower educators and professionals in confidently assisting young individuals through their grief journey, both inside and outside the classroom.

About Kelly Daugherty, MSW, FT

Meet Kelly Daugherty, an expert in grief counseling and the founder and owner of the Center for Informed Grief, LLC, located in Malta, NY. Kelly's passion for helping individuals navigate their grief journey stemmed from her own experience as a grieving teenager when her mother died from breast cancer. Kelly found comfort in a Hospice grief support group, which led her to volunteer with the Hospice Children's Bereavement program and paved the way for her career in grief and loss. Kelly finds meaning in her grief every day by helping individuals navigate their grief and by helping teachers and counselors be more grief informed. 


With over 20 years of experience in clinical settings, Kelly has helped clients and students with grief, loss, and trauma using innovative and evidence-based interventions. Her expertise has made her a go-to person for schools, providing school-based grief groups, crisis response following the death of students, training courses for school personnel and students, and developing a comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Program in collaboration with one of the largest school districts in the NY Capital Region.

 Throughout her career, Kelly has worked closely with schools by providing:

  • Hundreds of school-based grief groups in elementary, middle, and high schools in FL and SC.

  • Provided crisis response to schools following the death of students.

  • Developed a comprehensive School-Based Mental Health Program in collaboration with one of the largest school districts in the NY Capital Region.

  • Developed and Implemented a Children’s Personal Safety Program for all first-grade classes in Charlotte, NC.

  • Provided numerous training courses for school personnel and students on grief and loss and other topics related to mental health.

  • Managed a Therapeutic After-School Program utilizing the Second Step Curriculum.

  • Partnered and Supervised the Families and Schools Together (FAST) program and served as a  Certified Trainer.                                                                                           

Bio Highlights:

  • Florida State University MSW Graduate (2002)

  • Fellow in Thanatology: Death, Dying & Bereavement

  • Owns Greater Life Grief Counseling, LCSW, a private practice that specializes in providing individual and group counseling for grieving children and adults

  • Co-Author of Holistic Mental Health: Calm, Clear and In Control for the Rest of Your Life

  • Co-Author of Brave Kids: Short Stories to Inspire Our Future World-Changers 

  • Lead Author of The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resiliency & Connection (Release Date: 2/6/24)                                                                                            

When she's not working, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin Daugherty of Greater Life Health, their pup, Boomer, and her seven nieces and nephews. She also loves doing DIY art projects, walking/running, and going to Disney World. Kelly is dedicated to helping individuals, schools, and communities navigate their grief journey with professionalism and clarity.

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